It is our policy that each ride goes through an “Opening Inspection” before the first day of any event by a qualified Safety Coordinator that is employed by our Company. In most cases there will be an inspector(s) from the local municipality that takes a look at the rides, fire lanes, fire extinguishers and routes for emergency equipment access. Once we are approved for operation, we have a “Daily Inspection Checklist” that is filled out by the Ride Operator and the Safety Coordinator.

On our larger more mechanically intense rides, there are routine inspections throughout the day to make sure that blocking, pins and keys are in their proper placement. The bigger rides and attractions do tend to settle a bit if we are on surfaces such as grass and dirt, especially if the grass or dirt is watered throughout the time that we are on location. Rain, strong winds and other weather conditions can have an effect on this equipment as well.

Safety is our number one concern. We will not knowingly sacrifice the safety of our customers for monetary gain.

We are annually inspected by a NAARSO “National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials”, Inspector. We choose to bring
these inspectors in at our expense. It is through the guidance of these inspectors, municipal inspectors and ride manufacturers that
we work with to build and strengthen our safety and maintenance programs. The most common incidents are those of a “Slip and
Trip” nature and not a more serious mechanical or electrical failure. In the event that the incident is more serious, we have the
proper documentation and programs in place to validate our position both ethically and from a liability standpoint.

You and your patrons can rest assured that we take the necessary steps to insure all of our safety.

All of our rides and attractions are fitted with signs that list the requirements for riding that particular ride and how many tickets are required to ride. It is true that most rides have height and weight requirements. Smaller children can be accompanied by a paying adult on some larger rides. Our motto is “Know Your Limitations.” We have all been in situations where due to height or size we are somewhat limited to the activities that we can participate in. It is the same in the Carnival Industry.

Carnivals can be and are a wonderful positive experience for the whole family. Enjoy!