Sun Valley Rides is a family owned and operated carnival based in the great southwest. We currently operate in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. We can accommodate rentals in adjoining States as well. Please contact us with your needs. We carry a base unit of 15 to 20 rides, 8 to 12 game concessions and 2 to 3 food concessions options. We can tailor‐fit a carnival package for your existing event or help you create an event from scratch. Contact us today to see how Sun Valley Rides can make a positive addition to your event!


Sun Valley Rides carries its own generators needed for the operation as well as a full staff of competent employees and supervisors to ensure that our carnival is a safe and fun environment for all who attend.

Trucks & Trailers

Sun Valley Rides operates a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport our equipment from location to location. We can get to your event and be ready on time!

Shaded Seating, Park Benches, Trash Cans, Etc.

Does your present carnival offer customer amenities such as shaded seating areas, park benches, trash cans and protective matting over electrical lines and hoses???

WE DO !!

Sun Valley Rides carries shaded seating areas with picnic tables. Park benches and trash receptacles are strategically located throughout the carnival area.


ASTM Approved Flat Mats cover electrical lines and water hoses in high traffic areas. Aluminum fencing is used to protect our customers from “Employee Only” areas.